Preciosa Crystal

As an official distributor of Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystal, we are able to offer the full Preciosa catalogue range to all customers, with delivery times of only one week.

- Popular items are held in stock for immediate delivery and a fantastic 'no minimum order' offer (order your crystals individually).
- For those looking for a bargain, you can save 50% on all products if you buy whole packets (or 'factory packs') with 1 week delivery.

By clicking on the menu on the left-hand side you can select from the following:

Preciosa bicones in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. We offer standard crystal colours, coating finishes, matt finish in AB and regular colours as well as a rarely-seen range of 'colour finishes' which create a pastel, vintage look which is normally impossible to achieve with a crystal.

Preciosa flat-back crystals are available in all standard sizes ss5, ss6, ss7, ss8, ss9, ss10, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34, ss40 and ss48. We offer the full range of colours, coatings and finishes as well as hot-fix and non hot-fix stones. There really are thousands of choices!

We also offer a full range of Preciosa Rhinestone Components for maximum sparkle. Set stones, rhinestone chain, rondelles and balls in a variety of shapes and colours are available - popular sizes are held in stock for immediate delivery, while all others can be delivered in just one week.

You can also visit our Pearls area for a selection of flat-back pearl cabochons.

Preciosa's catalogue extends beyond your wildest imagination, but we can source any of these products for you, so if you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, please contact us by email or telephone 01353 661600 and we will be glad to help.