Pricing Information

We are happy to supply both trade and retail customers, in order to do this as fairly as possible we have different prices depending on the quantity you order.

With some of the smaller items for sale you may notice that prices are quoted to four decimal places, don’t worry, your final payment will be rounded to the nearest penny!

All prices quoted are per unit. For example a Preciosa MC Chaton Rose ss10 crystal foiled hot-fix is 2p when you buy just one crystal, if you buy 144 or over then the price drops to 1.8p per crystal, so for 144 you the price will be £2.59.

If you buy 1440 or more the price drops further, to 1.38p per crystal, so for 1440 you will pay £19.87. So…the price 1.38p is not for 1440, but per crystal when you buy 1440 crystals.

If you have any more questions on our prices, you are always welcome to call or email us at any time.

Very high volume customers can also contact us for even better prices.